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Vine Talk on PBS Is an Insane Parody of Itself

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So last night PBS premiered a new wine show called Vine Talk in which actor Stanley Tucci brings a bunch of celebrity buddies together along with Ray Isle, the executive wine editor of Food & Wine magazine. Sadly, it comes across as an unintentional Saturday Night Live satire.

"Have you ever been handed the wine list at a restaurant and realized you have no idea what wine to choose?" asked Isle. "I felt that way. It was stressful. Here at Vine Talk, we're going to help you destress finding the right bottle at the right price."

A noble goal, for sure, but what you get instead is (surprise) a bizarre condescending tone, Comic Sans-esque typefaces, and celebrities like Nora Ephron, John Lithgow, S. Epatha Merkerson, and Jonathan Waxman chattering absolutely nothing about about wine. It appears as though it's minimally edited — so you're treated to exchanges like this:

Nora Ephron: "I like my Kindle. But they're about to come out with a Kindle thing that reads to your children, isn't that sad? Isn't that horrible?"
John Lithgow: "In a computerized voice?"
Ephron: "I guess so. Or else with your voice."
Lithgow: "Come to think of it, not such a bad idea... I SMELL MONEY!"

Seriously, what?

Video: Vine Talk: Clip One

Video: Vine Talk: Clip Two

Video: Vine Talk: I SMELL MONEY

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