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Anthony Bourdain's Komrads Featuring Zamir and Nari

Yesterday galavanter Anthony Bourdain tweeted a link to a video a dozen times claiming that it was "Better than Citizen Kane!" and "I smell Emmy!!" and "The show America has been waiting for!" It was a demo for a show called Komrads featuring Bourdain's notorious sidekicks Zamir Gotta and Nari Kye. Our natural cynical nature made us assume he was just trying to punk everyone.

Bourdain confirmed that he's not joking, though, telling us, "This is no late April fool prank. This is serious business. I totally intend to make this show and to make it well. It's my attempt at invading Diners Dives and Douche Bags territory, so it's something of a personal mission. I want to show that it can be done — and done better."

Komrads will feature Zamir and Nari in a "madcap cross-country romp into the heartland." In the video, to show how serious he is about the project, Bourdain promises, "I will produce, I will direct, I will write, I will enable, I will coerce, I will make this happen... If I'm sure of one thing, this is what the Travel Channel audience wants and needs."

Video: Komrads Demo

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