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Royal Wedding Foodstuffs: Pez Dispensers, Donuts, and More!

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Royal Wedding Pez
Royal Wedding Pez

So the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton is happening in just three weeks, you guys! Can you feel the excitement? The electricity in the air? Well food manufacturers sure do, and everyone is getting in on the game, even Dunkin Donuts (with a heart-shaped donut) and Baskin Robbins (with an ice cream cake). There's pretty much anything you'd want, including tea bags, potatoes, and Royal Couple Pez Dispensers. On with the show:

1) Royal Couple Pez Dispensers: This appears to mock itself... But get bidding! These Pez figurines are officially up for auction, and the proceeds will be donated to a charity of the couple's choosing.

2) Dunkin Donuts' Royal Wedding Donut: A white donut that bleeds jelly. What better way to say "modern bridal" than with a virginal breakfast pastry?

3) Baskin Robbins' Royal Wedding Ice Cream Cake: Celebrate like it's a 7-year old's birthday with this festive frozen treat!

4) "Kiss Me Kate" Beer: Planning to be in England for the festivities? Get drunk on love with Castle Rock Brewery's special tribute to Kate Middleton.

5) Patriotic Potatoes: You thought Ireland had a lock on the potato market? Hah. These Highland Burgundy Red, Royal Queen (white), and Salad Blue spuds will make any potato dish scream "I care so much about the Royal Wedding I grew my own potatoes to commemorate the occasion!"

6) "I Couldn't Care Less" Mug: For the realist or "Royal Wedding Grinch," ignore the celebration in style while effectively fending off questions like, "So, what did you think of those flowers?!"

7) Limited Edition Love Hearts: You know those conversation hearts you got excited over but never enjoyed eating after elementary school Valentine's celebrations? This British version has been conveniently customized for an event we may just feel the same way about on April 30.

8) Royal Wedding Commemorative Bottle Single Malts: Drink away your single sorrows or toast the joy of strangers with this festive whiskey!

9) Walkers Shortbread Royal Wedding Cookie Tin: Not just delicious buttery cookies, but also a convenient keepsake box for all the other commemorative crap you buy!

10) Royal Wedding Sick Bags: Keep it royally classy after drowning your "It should have been me"-sorrows in commemorative cookies and whiskey.

11) Kate Middleton and Prince William Teabags: Soak up the celebratory spirit while a monarch soaks in your tea.

12) "It Should Have Been Me" Commemorative Plates: Royal Wedding china is all over the Internet, but few of the collections capture your honest reactions as well as these do.

13) Hand-Iced "Biccies": It's hard to mock these when they're actually quite cute and guaranteed to give you a good sugar buzz... And they're actually British!

14) Royal Wedding Tea: Harney & Sons has concocted a new tea as part of their Historic Royal Palaces collection, so you can taste the bride's bouquet with every sip of rosebud-accented white tea.

15) Edible Icing Cupcake Toppers: For the DIY celebrant, these edible versions of the couple's engagement photo add a touch of voyeurism to every bite.

16) Royal Wedding Egg Cosy: What better souvenir of a wedding that isn't yours than a hand-printed egg cover with a portrait of the happy couple?

17) Eleni's Limited Edition Cookies: New York's premier decorated sugar cookie purveyor is offering a special Royal Wedding Gift Box and edible versions of the official wedding plates, because if you're going to get souvenirs, you might as well eat the evidence.

18) Royal Wedding Breakfast Tea Towel: Clean up the kitchen and remind yourself how the other half dines with this cheery, hand-printed tea towel.

—Hilary Tuttle

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