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Tables at Achatz's Next Selling For Up to $3000 on Craigslist

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Having trouble getting tickets to Grant Achatz's new Chicago restaurant, Next? You could try Craigslist, where there's a hot black market trade in tables going on. Of course, you'll end up paying a lot more than if you just went through the restaurant, but hey! Grant Achatz doesn't open a new restaurant every day.

The official prices for Next vary depending on what time you make your reservation, but are around $85 per person for the current menu (plus wine, tax and gratuity). The resale prices, on the other hand, can be anywhere from a $500 mystery reservation to a $3,000 ticket for six to the "kitchen table," which features an expanded 16 course meal. The average ticket seems to hover around $1,000 for a table for two.

We asked co-owner Nick Kokonas about it, who said he's "surprised how quickly" tickets popped up on Craigslist, and asked people to "just check back with us... eventually they will get in." He also said there will be same-day tickets available on Twitter and Facebook.

They've posted an official statement about resale on the Next website as well, which specifies that the restaurant must be notified of transferred tickets or else they will not be honored.

Alas, Kokonas can't do anything about the scalping. Said Kokonas, "We cannot help ticket resales any more than the Cubs."

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