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Behold: Bac?n, the Cologne That Smells Like Bacon

"The time has come to uncover a new level of awesome" reads Fargginay's website, maker of bac?n, a bacon-scented cologne. Mixed with "11 essential oils," the cologne is "said to trigger pleasant memories." Of bacon! It comes in two flavors: Classic, which is maple-y, and Gold, which smells more like citrus. We're 93% this is for real?

Does it actually smell like bacon? According to their website: "Yes and No. These are sophisticated aromas...It's there alright, and the real fun is in finding it." So, maybe? Below, an ad for bac?n in which a couple of executives make the decision to promote a guy basically because he's wearing the cologne:

Video: bac?n, Scent by the Gods

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