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Americans Demand to Know If Their Sushi Is Radioactive

As concerns over the fallout from the Japanese earthquake grow, Americans have one question: What about our seafood? Restaurants that sell a lot of fish, like Eric Ripert's Le Bernardin in New York, are starting to buy radiation detectors to determine whether the fish they buy contains radioactive material.

Is fish still safe to eat? Maybe! The New York Times talked to a professor of Marine Sciences who, remarking on reported contamination levels, said: "You're not going to die from eating it right away...but we’re getting to levels where I would think twice about eating it." But also, as the New York Post helpfully reminds us, "people have no idea that most of the fish isn't coming from Japan." So you can probably still go out for sushi.

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Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market. [Photo: tensafefrogs / Flickr]