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Guy Fieri Gets a Line of Sneakers, a 2012 Convertible Camaro

[Photos: @ChefGuyFieri]

Food Network star and goateed sign of the apocalypse Guy Fieri uploaded a couple of very important photographs to his Twitter account recently. The first: a pic of his new line of what he calls his "signature model kix" (that's "sneakers" in more pedestrian terms).

Featuring the skull and crossbone logo that shows up on all his gear, these shoes offer any celebrity chef the ultimate in comfort as they stand in front of adoring crowds and make margaritas by the gallon to the dulcet tones of Bon Jovi. This is some serious competition to the Mozo line of chef shoes from Marcus Samuelsson, Chris Cosentino, and Aaron Sanchez.

And next up in Guy Fieri news: He got a 2012 convertible Chevy Camaro. He thanked his "bruthas at Chevy" for giving him the "first yellow conv off tha line!" Guess it will have to do in uplifting his heart after his $200K Lamborghini was stolen in an elaborate heist.

In the photo of him with his new car, please to note that Fieri is wearing his sneakers. Also: they match the car! Coincidence???

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