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The Top 16 Fast Food Hamburger Chains in the USA

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We were curious how different fast food hamburger chains stacked up against each other. During Burger Week, we've talked about the history of the hamburger, mapped the 15 hottest burgers of the moment, profiled In-N-Out and Five Guys, and talked about promising up-and-coming chains. But we haven't spent any time talking about the big guys, the enormous chains that sell millions of hamburgers a day. How do they compare? So, above, an infographic comparing the size of the top 16 fast food hamburger chains, based on the number of locations.*

And for relative comparison, Big Boy has 139 locations, Smashburger 94, Fatburger 80, and Shakeshack 9.

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· McDonald's: approximately 14,000
· Burger King: 7,750
· Wendy's/Arby's: 6,576
· Dairy Queen: 5,050
· Sonic: 3,500
· Jack in the Box: 2,100
· Hardees: 1,687
· Carl's Jr: 1,104
· Checkers: 800
· Five Guys: 735
· Whataburger: 575
· Culver's: 438
· White Castle: 421
· A&W: 359 (
· In-N-Out: 258

* Note: this does not include sit-down fast-casual hamburger restaurants, only fast food-types.

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