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Burger Week Across the Eater Universe: Day Four!

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· Burger Breakdown: Foster Burger's All-From-Scratch Ethos
· Olympic Provisions' Alex Yoder Brings the Bacon Burger
· Food Cart Burger Finals: Vote for your Favorite in PDX

· Veggie Burger at Cherry Street Coffee House
· Crispy Emmer Veggie Burger at Uneeda Burger
· Vote for the Best Burger in Seattle: Finalists!

New York
· Mark Pastore and Pat LaFrieda of LaFrieda Meat Purveyors
· SHO Shaun Hergatt's Lamb Bacon and Ramp Burger
· Gramercy Tavern's Schmancy Off the Menu Burger
· Monster Mashups: Veggie Burger Edition
· An Audio-Visual Celebration of the Glorious Veggie Burger
· Vegetarian Chef Amanda Cohen on the Issue of Veggie Burgers
· The Best Burger in NYC Reader Poll: The Final Round
· Burger Maker's Jamie Schweid

Washington, DC
· The Best Burger In DC Reader Poll: The Final Round
· DC Vegan's Amber McDonald On DC's Best Veggie Burgers
· Veggie Burger Spotlight: Nage's Black Bean And Walnut
· Veggie Burger Spotlight: Busboys & Poets House-Made Patty
· Compassion Over Killing's Erica Meier On DC Veggie Burgers

· Landslide Victories for El Mago & Pincho Factory. But Who Will Move On to the Nationals?

· A World of Burgers at Victory's Banner
· Chorizo Sliders at Karyn's on Green
· Heavy Metal Veggie Burgers at Kuma's Corner
· Best Burger Contest Finals: Kuma's Corner, M Burger, Rosebud and Davanti Enoteca
· Hamburger Helpers: Todd Stein and Eleven City Diner's Veggie Star Burger
· Patricio Sandoval's Baja Burger at Mercadito
· Burgers By the Numbers: Edzo's Burger Shop
· Hamburger Helpers: Chicagoist's Chuck Sudo & Nightwood's Wood-Grilled Cheeseburger
· DMK Burger Bar Shows Vegetarians the Love, Too

· Old School Austin Burgers: Top Notch, Since 1971
· Media Roundup: Guides to Austin's Best Veggie Burgers
· Vote For the Best Burger in Austin

Los Angeles
· Guess This Burger, Win a Free Burger
· The Best Burger in LA Reader Poll: The Final Round
· Fire Station 61 Tastes Umami, Johnny Rockets & M Cafe
· Best Veggie Burgers, According to A Vegan
· Inside The Veggie Grill's All American Stack Burger
· Looking For A Veggie Burger? Try These

San Francisco
· The Best Burger in the Bay Area Reader Poll: Finals
· Souley Vegan's Toasty Crispy
· Herbivore's Homemade Patties!
· The Evil Knievils Of The Burger World
· The Best Burger in the Bay Area Reader Poll: High Class