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Every Burger Special Ever From Bob's Burgers

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New Bacon-ings Burger. Episode 1, Human Flesh.
New Bacon-ings Burger. Episode 1, Human Flesh.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present every burger special ever presented on the #1 hamburger TV show on the air, Bob's Burgers. From "New Bacon-ings" to "The Roquefort Files Burger," to the "Last of the Mo-Jicama," these specials aren't always mentioned by the characters, but are always there in the background, making us wish Bob's was a real restaurant. Also of special note: the "Child Molester" hamburger special that "comes with candy because sometimes they use candy to lure their victims."

One special that never made it to the chalkboard? The Meatsiah, AKA the "most difficult burger known to man."

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