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Burger Week Across the Eater Universe: Day Three!

Hut's Hamburgers, Austin, Texas.
Hut's Hamburgers, Austin, Texas.
Photo: Jasmin Sun

· Old School Austin Burgers: Hut's Hamburgers, Since 1939
· Patrick Terry on Burger Perfection and the Future of P. Terry's
· The Black Sheep Lodge Burger, by the Numbers
· Chef Philip Speer's Top Ten Favorite Austin Burgers
· Vote For Austin's Best Burger: Gourmet Burgers

· Hamburger Helpers: Lettuce Entertain You's Rich Melman & the R.J. Grunts Burger
· Graham Elliot's Wild Foraged Wagyu Grahamburger
· Best Burger Contest Round 4: The Wild Card Burgers
· Best Burger Contest Round 3: Upscale Restaurant Burgers
· Burgers By the Numbers: The Counter

New York:
· Marc Sarrazin and George Faison of DeBragga
· NYC's Best Burger-Friendly Booze, Picked by the Pros
· Maialino's Gorgonzola and Bacon Burger
· The Best Burger in New York Reader Poll: Wild Card Burgers
· Best Burger in NYC Reader Poll: Gourmet Restaurant Burgers
· The Best Burger in New York Reader Poll: Wild Card Burgers
· Monster Mashups: The Black 'n' White

· Which of These Wild Card Nods Has the Best Burger?
· Who Makes the Best Fritas in Miami?

Washington, DC
· Chefs Todd Gray, Victor Albisu And Brian McBride Compete In Eater DC's Obama Burger Challenge
· The Best Burger In DC Reader Poll: Gourmet Burgers

Los Angeles
· Scarpetta's Caramelized Onion Taleggio Burger
· Guess This Burger, Win a Free Burger (and Beer!)
· The Best Burger in LA Reader Poll: Fast Food-Style

San Francisco
· Announcing Veggie Burger Power Hour
· Guess the Burger Identities, Win Amazing Burger Meat

· Time to Vote for Southeast PDX's Best Cart Burger
· Burgers By the Numbers: Counting Toppings at Burgatroyd
· Kin's Kevin Shikami Composes a SE Asian-Inspired Burger

· Canlis Wine Director Nelson Daquip's Burger-Friendly Wines
· Vote For the Best Burger in Seattle: Fast-Casual Round
· Vote For the Best Burger in Seattle: Restaurant Round

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