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Cupcake Vodka Merges Foodie Guilt and Alcoholic Shame Into One Sad Vortex of Misery

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[Photos: Cupcake Vodka]

There is now cupcake-flavored vodka, which is a beverage that was surely developed by some sort of marketing keyword computer set to target women from 2004. It comes in four flavors: Original, Chiffon, Devil's Food, and Frosting. So, apart from Devil's Food, they taste like vodka and sugar? No! They "have velvet silkiness, distinctive texture and a smooth finish." Well, that clears things up.

Cupcake Vodka — shockingly developed by the same folks who brought you Cupcake Vineyard wines — is aimed at "the adult millennial." Which we presume to mean anyone of legal drinking age born after 1980. More likely? It'll be purchased by your aunt who is still obsessed with Sex and the City and/or become the beverage of choice for sequined prom-goers to throw up on driveways nationwide this Spring. What next? Food Network wine? Oh, wait. How about Hello Kitty wine? Yes, that too.

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