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Watch Bourdain's Badass Kitchen Scenes From Treme

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Here are a couple of super-intense kitchen scenes from the season premiere of Treme presumably written by Anthony Bourdain (Bourdain gets a writer credit in the opening and everything). In these clips, Janette Desautel is cooking in New York City after her New Orleans restaurant closed, and she's working for the tyrannical chef Enrico Brulard (played by a terrifying Victor Slezak).

One of the line cooks warns her about the chef: "I try not to look at the guy, never directly right, because the eyes are, like, his way in. That's how he gets you. That's how he gets inside of you: He looks at you. Then he crawls up in your brain, and takes a big dump on it, and then he's got you." Having lived this, we cannot even begin to describe how accurate this all is.

Video: Treme, Episode 1: Clip 1

Video: Treme, Episode 1: Clip 2

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