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Google Offers: Google Launches a Groupon Clone

google-offers-260.pngAfter Google's $6 billion offer was rejected by Groupon, they decided to do the obvious thing: develop a Groupon clone of their own. The resulting Google Offers is now in beta in Portland, New York, and the Bay Area, although they haven't started offering deals just yet. When they do, they promise discounts of "50% off or more at places you'll love."

You might love those places with a coupon, but will you go back to pay full price? There are still major questions about whether online services like Groupon and Google Offers are at all sustainable, seeing as how they might be the only ones profiting from the deals.

Here's an ad for Google offers, featuring a folksy-twee theme song and blocks that transform into cupcakes and steaks:

Video: What Will Google Offer?

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