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Bourdain Admits He's a Sellout and 'Part of the Problem'

World traveler and raconteur Anthony Bourdain raconteured his way over to The Joy Behar Show last night, and he talked about things like angering the Tea Party and the celebrity chef culture. See this exchange:

Behar: You've spoken about celebrity chefs selling out, such as Rachael Ray, Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay, you've changed your tune a little on that, right?
Bourdain: I've become part of the problem—
Behar: —Because you are now a sellout yourself?
Bourdain: Yeah. I think when I first started, I made a career out of laughing at poor Emeril. He looks like Escoffier now compared to some of the people out there.

Bourdain, the now self-described sellout, also wrote a thoughtful blog post yesterday about his recent visit to elBulli — he promised that the episode of No Reservations will be "the show of a lifetime."

Here's video from the Behar Show:

Video: Bourdain on Behar, Part One

Video: Bourdain on Behar, Part Two

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