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Giles Coren Calls Bourdain a 'Tedious Old Smackhead'

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Oh dear. Times of London critic Giles Coren — apparently not a fan of the World's 50 Best Restaurants listicle — dined at elBulli two days ago. When asked if Anthony Bourdain was there (Bourdain was filming an episode of No Reservations just last week), Coren replied "that tedious old smackhead? no, why?"

And no one calls Bourdain a "tedious old smackhead." Or at least gets away with it unscathed. Bourdain tweets: "@gilescoren 'tedious'. Maybe. 'old'? Without a doubt. 'smack head?' Fuck you. C*nt." Here's how it all went down:

Not sure how this is all going to play out, but hopefully it'll end with someone getting a fruit basket. Your move, Coren.

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