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TGD Restaurant Serves Thanksgiving Dinner 365 Days a Year

Photo: TGD

While you're wasting your time watching the shitshow (we kid!) that is America's Next Great Restaurant, you could have just read Eater and found out about the, er, next great American restaurant. Introducing TGD, a fast-casual restaurant in Canton, Ohio that serves Thanksgiving dinner every day. That's right: roast turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and all the fixings all year round. (They only have one flavor of pie, though: pumpkin.)

Apparently the owners came up with the idea "at 4am after a long black jack session at the Rio in Las Vegas" when they both realized that a simple burger wasn't going to hack it. Nope: they wanted Thanksgiving food.

And they want you to be a part of the revolution: franchises are available! Already a second location is opening in Oxford, Ohio.

Also, TGD has what they call the Feast Challenge, in which participants attempt to down an entire Feast family-sized meal (two large meats, three large sides, six rolls, and as many drinks as they need) in one hour. To date, no one has accomplished it. And the losers have their pictures posted on their website, waving a white flag.

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3897 Everhard Rd NW North Canton, OH 44720