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Jamie Oliver on Charlie Rose: 'Stirring the Pot Is Necessary'

Last night chef Jamie Oliver appeared on Charlie Rose. He talked about his time in Huntington, WV ("As bumpy as it was at times, everything I thought of... we did and still run to this day") and the difficulties of shooting his show in Los Angeles. He talked about his achievements in England and how he ended up becoming what Charlie Rose calls a "crusader."

Near the end, Oliver talked about his ideal: "If you have food knowledge — I'm not talking about living a holier-than-thou life living off of lentils and incense... You can go out and have fast food when you want, you can overindulge when you want, but the kind of bedrock of your life would be fairly good, you know, dunking and diving and buying and cooking. So I think that's the dream."

Video: On Huntington and Los Angeles

Video: On Becoming a Crusader

Video: Jamie Oliver's Goals

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