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Nightline Jumps on the 'Pie Is the New Cupcake' Bandwagon

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Nightline, ABC's astute arbiter of trends, ran a whole segment on Friday about the emergent and fashionable pastry of the moment: pie. Now, one of the stories that originally kicked off the "pie is the new cupcake" trend vortex was from the New York Times way back in November — so that's about a five-month delay (pretty good by Nightline standards).

Anyway, the segment cites Martha Stewart's pie cookbook, her recent popup promo pie shop, and Hill Country Chicken's pie happy hour and pie milkshake in NYC. And in a sharp PR coup, the show gets a sneak peek at the dessert menu at chef Andrew Carmellini's upcoming NYC restaurant The Dutch. The show even uses hard data to confirm the trend: In 2010, Americans ordered 722 million pieces of pie in restaurants, up 12 million from 2009. That's a lot of pie!

Video: Nightline on Pies

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