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Watch Clips From CSI: NY's Explosive Food Truck Episode

Here are clips from Friday night's episode of CSI: NY, "Food For Thought," in which the team of detectives enter the "competitive world of gourmet food trucks" where murder was on the menu. Chung Chung! Oh wait that's a different show.

Anyway, after a food truck is blown up with explosives at a food festival, there are a couple of suspects: Was it the rival hot dog cart owner encroached upon by the upstart food truck, or the double-crossed chef/owner of a brick and mortar angered by one of his cooks leaving to start a food truck with allegedly stolen recipes?

Spoiler alert: It was neither! Turns out it was the hot dog carts owner's son, who had uncovered that the rival food truck was a front for a prostitution ring — customers would order the "#3 Special" and pay $500, and in exchange they'd be given a styrofoam box with the address and room number of a hotel, where a prostitute would be waiting. The food truck was an easy way to launder cash! Here are a few clips:

Video: CSI: NY: Opener

Video: CSI: NY: Detectives Confront the Chef

Video: CSI: NY: Uncovering the Prostitution Ring

Video: CSI: NY: The Son Confesses

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