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Here's a Look at Chef John Besh's New Orleans

New Orleans chef and restaurateur John Besh has a new cooking show called, ironically enough, Chef John Besh's New Orleans. It premieres this weekend on WYES in New Orleans, and should be airing on over 200 PBS stations this Spring (covering almost 75% of the US population). Of course, check your local listings.

Based on his cookbook My New Orleans: The Cookbook: 200 of My Favorite Recipes & Stories From My Hometown, the show runs for an astonishing 26 half-hour episodes and covers staples like gumbo, crawfish etouffee, and jambalaya.It's definitely sleepy in that classic PBS cooking show sort of way, but the cookbook it's based on was pretty solid and will likely be considered a seminal document, so the show has potential. Below, a preview clip of the show:

Video: Chef John Besh's New Orleans Preview

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