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April Fool's Day Food Pranks: Okay, We Get It

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It's April 1, which means you can't believe anything you read on the internet. Below, everyone thinks they're so funny:

1a) Late addition! Living Social's Spa-Lami deal that includes a "hot beef gravy massage to open up the pores." The two-minute video is really well-executed. Grade: A+ [LS]

1) LA Weekly wrote many words trying to convince everyone that Alice Waters was behind Beard nominated Twitter mashup @ruthbourdain. Grade: B [LA Weekly]

2) Then Alice Waters "confirmed" it. Grade: B+ [@alicewaters]

3) Recipe website Food 52 taught everyone how to burn food. Grade: A [Food 52]

4) Locanda in San Francisco shared their secret hampster-powered rotisserie concept. Grade: B+ [-ESF-]

5) Whole Foods announced a baked product called Cardbread that utilizes a new method of recycling. It has "a hint of pizza flavor." Grade: B- [WF]

6) Jillian Madison of Food Network Humor let slip that she'll be a judge on Next Food Network Star season seven. Grade: B [FNH]

7) Chicago chef Homaru Cantu shared a recipe for how to trick your friends with food that looks like charcoal. Grade: A-, if you get it to work. [Chicago Tribune]

8) NYC Chef Eddie Huang revealed plans for a toast/iPad restaurant called Huang Way. Grade: B+ [-ENY-]

9) Serious Eats launched Serious Wheats, Serious Teats, and Serious Beets. Grade: B [SE]

10) Carl's Jr. launched the Original Six Dollar Vegan Tofu Burger. Grade:B+ [-EN-]

11) ThinkGeek made Darth Vader drive an ice cream trick to promote Lightsaber Popsicles. Grade: A [-EN-]

12) The wives of José Andrés, Eric Ripert, Anthony Bourdain, Tom Colicchio, and, oddly, Conan O'Brien have all signed up to be on the show Desperate Chefs' Wives. Grade: B+ [-EN-]

13) Starbucks announced its new Mobile Pour iPhone app, which allows customers to order coffees for delivery by baristas on scooters. Grade: B+ [-EN-]

14) Gapers Block posted news of an Alinea Groupon deal. 75% off dinner! Grade: B [GP]

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