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Guy Fieri's $200K Lamborghini Stolen in Elaborate Heist

Food Network star Guy Fieri's bright yellow Lamborghini has been stolen! Like something out of a movie, the thief used climbing gear to get onto the roof of a luxury car dealership in San Francisco before making off with the yellow and black 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo.

The food dude owns ten sports cars, and it seems likely that he might get this one back: police are saying the thief will have a rough time selling the highly-recognizable car, which is worth about $200,000. But Police Sargent Michael Andraychak also said a heist like this "would require a certain amount of planning," so presumably the thief planned for that as well?

Bay area news outlets are, of course, beside themselves, calling the theft a "daring heist" and showing clips of Gone in 60 Seconds in their reports. As for the current location of the car, some are speculating it might be "in a chop shop over in Flavortown."

Video: Celebrity's $200K Lamborghini Stolen In Daring San Francisco Heist

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