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Harold Dieterle on Nightline's Platelist

Last night the original Top Chef Harold Dieterle (Kin Shop and Perilla, NYC) was featured in a Nightline Platelist segment. In the video he prepares duck meatballs and calamari salad and he talks about the super-VIP treatment his family gets at his restaurants:

Grandma has the VIP treatment when she comes in. She’s the only person that's ever been served white zinfandel here. She sits down at the table and we had two different roses by the glass poured and a couple of different bottles and they were all getting opened and she didn't like any of them -- so a chef had to run out around the corner to the liquor store and go get a magnum of Beringer white zinfandel, served on the rocks."

The article accompanying the video is more in-depth, so do read that, too.

Video: Nightline: Harold Dieterle

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