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Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon in an Ice Cream Duel

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Somewhat predictably, Stephen Colbert had Jimmy Fallon on his show last night to talk smack about each others' Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors. (Fallon's "Late Night Snack" was announced just the other day and was maybe ripped off; Colbert's "Americone Dream" has been around for a few years.) And it goes on forever! The quasi-commercial takes up most of the show.

First, they trade insults, the best of which is when Colbert says, "Your ice cream is like a Jimmy Fallon SNL sketch: halfway through you break down laughing and you can't finish it." Then, after calling in backup (Colbert calls in Jon Stewart; Fallon calls in Jay Leno, who doesn't show), the two have an ice cream eating contest. They figure the best ice cream is the one you can eat the fastest "just like the best wines are the ones you can chug." This leads to a brain freeze hallucination in Ben and Jerry's land.

Video: Colbert's Ice Cream Fight With Jimmy Fallon

Video: Colbert's Ice Cream Hallucination With Jimmy Fallon

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