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John Mariani vs Anthony Bourdain, Part Whatever

Fresh from his back-and-forth with Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas, Esquire's restaurant features writer John Mariani hops into the comments in a post at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's food blog to take a jab at Anthony Bourdain. Quoted, in full:

Anthony Bourdain’s answers to your wholly legitimate questions —that he does “his best” to pay for his meal and hotels and “prefers to pay for his meals at restaurants”–become laughable to anyone who can manage to sit through any episode of his “No Reservations” show till the end, where, when the credits roll, there are always several hotels and restaurants under “OUR THANKS GO TO. . .,” who are his hosts, including in Las Vegas NYNY Hotel-Casino, Bouchon and Mesa Grill; in Miami, the Raleigh Hotel and Norman Van Aken; in New Jersey, Mountain Creek Ski Resort; and in Malaysia, Malaysian Airlines . If anyone believes anything Bourdain spews, then I’ve got a job for Charlie Sheen as a good spokesman for Mental Health.

Your move, Bourdain.

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