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Cupcake-Induced Rage Causes Woman to Trash Bakery

Sugarswirlz in Cardiff.
Sugarswirlz in Cardiff.
Photos: Wales Online

Beware the cupcake addict who can't get her fix: a woman trashed a cupcake shop in Wales after being informed that they had sold out of her favorite flavor, "sweet tooth fairy cake." In front of her kids! The owner of Sugarswirlz (yes, really) estimates she caused £400 (US$650) in damages, which is a lot compared to the £2.20 (US$3.57) cupcake.

So what exactly is in a sweet tooth fairy cake that is capable of causing such insanity? It's made with "an assortment of flavors" and is topped with candy floss. Apparently the shop could have simply baked her another batch. Police are still looking for the woman, but apparently there's security camera footage, which we cannot wait to see.

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