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A Blurry Sneak Peek at David Chang's New iPad/Print Journal

Photo: @noreservations

Wonder wheel-spinning Anthony Bourdain tweeted a couple of photos today of the "wall of the super-secret Chang Project HQ at ZPZ." Really, it's not that super-secret: The NYT's Diner's Journal already revealed a bunch of details about Lucky Peach, the quarterly iPad app and print journal David Chang is collaborating on with Peter Meehan. The app is coming from Zero Point Zero, the same people behind No Reservations, and the word is that it should be out in early May.

But sure, let's play along and parse the photos. They are rather blurry; Bourdain's hand is not steady. Increase sharpening and what do we find?

The center square of the "Neural Network" ("The Sweet Spot") links out to Booze, Food, Sport, Sex, Music, Fashion, Film, and something called "McGee's Corner" (presumably videos of Harold McGee, stuck in a corner, babbling about how searing doesn't actually sear in juices). And then animations that include a hot spring, a fish cake, and mediocrity. And a quote: "A journey all about finding, losing, and trying to preserve the sweet spot." It tells us so much without telling us anything at all.

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