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Ronald McDonald Kicked to the Curb For Being Old, Busted

As McDonald's tries to gussy up its image with its newfangled McCafes, fancy green restaurants, and expensive redesigns, it seems there's an old friend who got lost in the shuffle: Ronald McDonald.

The fast food chain's 48-year-old clown mascot hasn't been appearing in TV commercials lately, and a spokeswoman says that "while Ronald still plays an ambassador role, he isn't tied to the menu."

The company has been under fire in recent years for marketing unhealthy food to children, so maybe that's why he's been dispatched to ye olde mascot graveyard? Ronald's still working events and represents the Ronald McDonald House, of course, but whatever happened to loyalty? Also, what about Grimace? The Fry Guys? Mayor McCheese?

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[Photo: Carol / Flickr]