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Kraft Turns Boring Tweets Into Mac and Cheese Ads

You might think you're just tweeting about eating some macaroni and cheese, but Kraft is listening. And also turning your mundane tweets like "Eating mac n cheese cause I cnt sleep" into ads overnight. They're pretty funny! The ads made by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, also known as the folks who made (and subsequently were fired for) Groupon's controversial Super Bowl ads.

Below, a man dressed as a carrier pigeon flies Kraft Mac and Cheese to Canada for Jack, a man calls his family to his deathbed only to inform them that "Sunday nights are for mac and cheese," a mac and cheese dream world and a riff on the Antiques Roadshow.

Video: "Jack's request for his first meal back in the US ... @kraftmacncheese"

Video: "Sunday nights are for mac and cheese."

Video: "Eating mac n cheese cause I cnt sleep"

Video: "#classic Mac n cheese is always a #greatchoice"

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