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Bourdain Calls the Beard Awards a 'Chef Shakedown'

Calling the James Beard Awards a "self congratulatory goat rodeo/awards ceremony/chef shakedown," Anthony Bourdain hit up his Travel Channel blog over the weekend to take the James Beard Foundation to task for their "Ultimate Melting Pot" theme.

Bourdain is course nominated (along with Eric Ripert) for the radio show Turn & Burn, but that doesn't mean he'll be attending — he'd "sooner attend a Renaissance Fair in Hell." Bourdain writes, "But I seriously doubt you will see an increase in the number of Mexicans present. Or any other of the nationalities who comprise the backbone, heart, lungs, blood and muscle of the hospitality industry this organization claims to celebrate."

In addition, he's rooting for Ruth Bourdain to win, and he calls out the journalists who think the nomination "cheapens" the Beard Awards, calling them "a bunch of old hookers complaining about the new girl who kisses on the lips."

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