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Five Things We Learned From New York's Sandra Lee Profile

New York magazine dropped a 6,300-word profile of semi-scary, semi-First Lady Sandra Lee this morning, and we learned a few things:

1. She forgives Anthony Bourdain for giving her a hard time: "It's just shtick, so I can't even be mad at him."

2. As to why that confessional piece by the creator of the Kwanzaa cake got taken down by the Huffington Post, we learn the truth: "[T]he Huffington Post received a letter from Sandra Lee's lawyer threatening a lawsuit."

3. Sandra Lee blames the infamous Kwanzaa cake on the Food Network, though: "[A]t the time of the Kwanzaa cake, her show's content was 'dictated' by the network. Now, she says, she exercises full control over her show."

4. As for the Lasagna-Gate controversy — in which semi-mother-in-law Matilda Cuomo said that Sandra Lee's cottage cheese technique was "not the way you make a lasagna" — everything is okay: "[I]f you're going to have a scandal, Lasagna-gate is genius," said Lee.

5. Chef Mario Batali is a fan, and is quoted as saying "She gets people out of fast-food chains, and that's a good thing. At least she gets them in the kitchen, even if they are using frozen berries."

Bonus: The article even takes a dig at the New York Times' Amanda Hesser for having been critical of Sandra Lee's first cookbook: "(Free webisode idea for Hesser's ­ Drop Hesser off in South Central Los Angeles and see how long it takes her to find an 'interesting' cheese.)"

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