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The OED's New Food Words Include Banh Mi, California Roll

The Oxford English Dictionary announced today the addition of a bunch of news words — in addition to the initialisms of OMG and LOL — and many are of the culinary bent, including:

· muffin top (both the food and fashion-related definitions)
· banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich)
· taquito (deep-fried corn tortilla)
· kleftiko (Greek dish of slow-cooked lamb)
· Eton mess (the British dessert "consisting of whipped cream, pieces of meringue, and fruit")
· doughnut hole
· California roll (the maki roll containing cucumber, imitation crab, and avocado.)

Also: "The OED now acknowledges the ten- (or three-, five- etc.) second rule... which allows for the eating of a delicious morsel that has fallen to the floor, provided that it is retrieved within the specified period of time."

· Latest update: March 2011 [OED]