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Modernist Cuisine a Little Too Out There For Matt Lauer

Modernist Cuisine author Nathan Myhrvold stopped by the Today Show this morning to do a cooking segment with host Matt Lauer, who is clearly a little weirded out by the molecular-inspired food. Lauer asks him, "Other than just because you can, what's the purpose of this?" To which Myhrvold responds, "It makes it perfect every time." Despite this assurance of perfection, Lauer is still a little suspicious and doesn't even seem to swallow a pea butter dish.

Lauer, of course, tried to figure out how this related to rest of America, and asked, "This isn't something somebody's going to make for the kids before they rush off to school in the morning, is it?" Duh Matt Lauer, doesn't every body whip scrambled eggs with nitrous oxide at home?

Video: Nathan Myhrvold on the Today Show

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