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Fanny Singer, Alice Waters' Kid, Is Exactly Like You'd Expect

Over the weekend the Wall Street Journal ran a profile of Chez Panisse owner Alice Waters' 27-year-old daughter Fanny Singer, who's in London studying for an art history Ph.D.

Singer shares anecdotes from her childhood, including how her lunch bag was a "really embarrassing soft cooler that was big enough for the seven different Tupperwares filled with the salad ingredients that had to be segregated until I was ready to eat." Also her mom would bend the rules and prepare anything her daughter wanted for her birthday, which of course meant lobster, something that had to be shipped in as it's not local to the Bay Area.

Other things we learn: she prefers biodynamic limes (paying an insane $112 for twelve limes) because she feels "morally compelled to keep it pesticide-free." And sometimes she's a rebel ("I'll buy the one occasional non-organic fruit").

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