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Even Canadians Are Talking About Foodies

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Taking a cue from the web-comedy Foodies, the Globe and Mail runs a few pieces criticizing the food-obsessed. First, in a long piece about the supposed "open season on foodies, organics, localism, and sustainability," journalist Ian Brown takes a look at indulgence, food waste, and guilt in the world of the "food crazies."

Then in an interview, food writer Michael Pollan calls the backlash against the food movement "media-created," defends Wal-Mart's efforts to bring in more local produce, and then talks about the isolating effect of the frozen foods aisle at the grocery store.

And since no feature set is complete without a slideshow listicle, there's "Six Signs That You May Be a Food Idiot." (What, "foodiot" hasn't made it to Canada yet?) Anyway, foodies criticize everything! They're possibly vegan! They "like to 'stack' ingredients so as to 'deconstruct' the dish"! They're "douches"! We're thinking maybe the Globe and Mail is helping create this supposed backlash?

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