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Marcel Vigneron on Fallon Makes Sci-Fi Rice Krispie Treats

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Former Top Chef contestant Marcel Vigneron visited Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Friday night to promote his new show Marcel's Quantum Kitchen that premieres tomorrow night on Syfy, and the duo cooked some of Vigneron's molecular-influenced food. (Fallon describes it as "always like foams and stuff.")

It's not an advanced technique that totally blows Fallon's mind, though — it's when Vigneron puffs up some wild rice in hot oil that Fallon's really impressed. They then make tablets with the rice using a sugar coating and freeze them in liquid nitrogen so that when Fallon eats it, vapor comes out of his nose like a dragon. (Don't worry, they wear safety goggles.)

Video: Marcel Vigneron on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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