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Breaking Food Records on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Because, you know, why not? Jimmy Fallon had the guys from the Universal Record Database on his show to break some records. And break them they did, including the record for "Most Fast Food Items Tasted in 30 Seconds," which Fallon set himself. He gets 13, including a McDonald's Big Mac, a KFC Double Down, and a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed.

Next, it's on to "Most Hot Dogs Stuffed Into a T-Shirt in 30 Seconds." (There is also a person inside the t-shirt.) There actually wasn't a previous record holder in that category, so, as Fallon says, "There's no losing. You'll look like a hero after this." How many did he fit in the shirt? "At least 135," according to Fallon's website.

Video: URDB on Jimmy Fallon, Part One

Video: URDB on Jimmy Fallon, Part Two

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