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Epic Meal Time on Jay Leno: Meat Cars and Leprechauns

Harley Morenstein and Sterling Toth of what Jay Leno calls "goofball cooking show" Epic Meal Time were on The Tonight Show, making a deep-fried shepherd's pie that included mac and cheese, pastrami, Velveeta cheese, and, of course, tons of bacon. They also make it look like a car. A meat car! (Leno, a car fanatic, calls it his "dream date").

Leno, funny man that he is, takes the role of cranky old geezer and whines about the lack of sanitation — oh my god, they're using their hands! Then Leno's other guest, comedian Rainn Wilson — dressed like a leprechaun — rips the car in half and eats it with his bare hands. As Morenstein says, "This is what we do. This is our lives. We eat this."

Video: Epic Meal Time on Jay Leno

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