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Blast Colt 45: A Fruity, High-Alcohol Malt Liquor

Photos: Blast / Facebook

Here come the caffeine-free Four Loko knockoffs: Blast is a 12% ABV malt liquor from the same people who make Colt 45, and it comes in fruity flavors like strawberry lemonade, blueberry pomegranate, raspberry watermelon, and grape. Colt 45 inventor Peter J. Marcher Jr. died recently; wonder what he'd think of his drink turning into what is basically incredibly alcoholic soda?

Also, they snagged Snoop Dogg as their spokesman. He's the modern day Billy Dee Williams! The video below is a behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot for Blast, and Snoop Dogg wears a suit, hangs out with a bunch of ladies, and is generally just suave all over the place.

Video: Snoop Dogg's Blast by Colt 45 Photo Shoot

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