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Larry King's Brooklyn Water Bagel Shop Opens in Los Angeles

The Beverly Hills location of the Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., which ex-interview guy Larry King invested in last summer, opened today!

It's the first West Coast location of the chain, which maximizes on the legend that New York bagels are delicious because of the local tap water. Their "Brooklynized" water sounds like a fake thing, but actually they "make" the water using a patented, 14-step process.

King intends to "serve more in a promotional role" than an operational one. We imagine he'll also probably be hanging out in his sweet permanently reserved booth with multiple flatscreen televisions from time to time.

The chain has crazy plans for expansion: They've sold more than 200 franchise agreements in Florida as well as additional locations along the East Coast, including Baltimore. The chain's founder, Steven Fassberg, predicts 100 locations in the Los Angeles area alone over the next six and a half years.

There are also plans to expand to "include a pizza and pasta secondary brand, called the Brooklyn Water Pizza & Pasta Co."

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