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Yelp Officially Recognizes 'Hipster' as an Ambience

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Yelp Page for Central in Portland, OR [Photo:]

So apparently sometime recently Yelp added the ambience category of "hipster" to its restaurant, bar, and coffee shop listings (threads date back to March 2 talking about it). You can't search using the hipster category on Yelp, which is terribly disappointing. But hopefully that will change and you'll be able to sort by hipster, either as places to avoid or places you'll want to go to.

A quick Google search reveals that places like Central in Portland, OR; Roberta's in Brooklyn, NY; 611 Supreme in Seattle, WA; Zeitgeist in San Francisco; and El Chilito in Austin, TX are all categorized as "hipster." (As evidence of its hipsterness, the Austin taco shop has a moustache see-saw out front).

What defines hipster ambience, exactly? For some it's a dirty word, but it can sort of be codified: That the servers are tattooed, slow, forgetful, inattentive, sometimes snobby, maybe mustachioed, and possibly scornful? That the employees might be wearing suspenders and will sit at the table with you when taking your order?

That the bartenders wear bowties and vests, and that the restaurants decor includes old junk store paintings, retro clocks, fish sculptures, and uncomfortable chairs? That beverages are served in Ball jars and that music is obscure and ironically eclectic?

The review page [Photo:]

Anyway, when reviewing an establishment (or editing a previously written review), under the "Ambience" category, Yelp users can now select from the following options, or a combination thereof: Romantic, Hipster, Trendy, Intimate, Dive-y, Casual, Classy, and Touristy.

What other categories does it need?

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