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Nine Year Old 'Chefs' Have Dedicated Entire Lives to Food

Lilly and Audrey Andrews are nine-year old twins from Sonoma, California who have their own food blog, Twin Chefs. And they got their very own segment on Good Morning America! Apparently the two have "dedicated their entire lives to cooking." Which is, you know, a really long time.

In the video below, the girls cook up some healthy snacks and then go make some pizza with Wolfgang Puck at Spago. When asked where they see themselves at 20, one responds that she'd like to be "a first-class hotel owner" and the other says she'd like to be at either French or Japanese culinary school. They would also like to beat the record for youngest person ever to go to culinary school, which is currently set at 11. Why stop there? Open a restaurant; we'll send in Eater NY's kid critics.

Video: Nine-Year-Old Twin Chefs

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