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Noma Falls Short of Three Stars Despite 'Best Restaurant' Title

Not everyone agrees that René Redzepi's Noma is at the top of its game: despite its standing as San Pellegrino's Best Restaurant in the World, the Copenhagen restaurant maintained a two-star standing in the Michelin Guide to the Main Cities of Europe 2011.

Noma got its second star for the first time in 2007. Rebecca Burr, editor of the guide, declined to say why exactly Noma didn't get the bump to three stars, but did say "It's about the food."

Burr also said that "It will happen one day, I'm sure. It's a very good two-star restaurant and sits easily in the guide." The criteria for a three-star restaurant is "worth a special journey"; for a two-star, "worth a detour." It seems to us everyone from former New York Times critic Frank Bruni to Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi has made a special journey to Noma, but maybe it wasn't worth it?

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