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NC Restaurant Removes 'No Speak English, No Service' Sign

The owner of a North Carolina diner has removed a sign from the front door of the restaurant that read, "No Speak English, No Service." The sign, which explained in multiple languages that they only speak "American English," bizarrely showed a surprising dexterity with foreign languages!

Greg Simons, the owner of Reedy Creek Family Diner in Lexington, North Carolina, put the sign up because he'd had frustrating interactions with Spanish-speaking customers in the past. He made the decision to remove the sign after the restaurant started receiving threatening phone calls with "colorful language." Guess some things are the same in every language after all?

Simon thinks people are misinterpreting the sign as racist, and said "It doesn't really make any sense to me. Why would I want to alienate any customers?" Some of his customers support the sign, and one told the local news, "You come to this country, learn to speak English! And if you don't speak English, then you might have a sign up in your local restaurant."

Reymudo Emayer, who works near the diner, called the sign "ridiculous" and said, "Everybody who lives in America, regardless of what color they may be, should be able to eat wherever they need to be eating." We think that's, like, the law? Or something?

The sign ended by saying, "God bless America and all who those who protect and serve our great country. We only speak and understand American."

Video: "No Speak English, No Service" Sign Removed from Restaurant

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