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No Reservations' Nicaragua Episode: Just the One-Liners

Bourdain in Nicaragua.
Bourdain in Nicaragua.
Photo: Travel Channel

In what Anthony Bourdain says is "the last (for a while) of a trio of sad, angry episodes," No Reservations heads to Nicaragua where he's deeply affected by watching children his daughter's age pick through a garbage dump for food. Heavy drinking was necessary. This being Bourdain, he also partakes in a little drag racing, bull testicles, and blood sausage.

Next week it's off to Vienna, where Bourdain gets back to the old routine: "Dick jokes and stuffing food and alcohol into my face." But first, it's on to the Quotable Bourdain — feel free to add your picks in the comments below.

1) On Nicaraguan street racing: "Do you have monster trucks in Nicaragua?"
2) On getting older: "Reckless endangerment and vehicular manslaughter just aren't as exciting as they used to be."

3) On his idea of a good time: "What do you do after a night of drinking, huffing gas fumes, and dodging coppers? Eat!"
4) On visiting the garbage dump, where people (including kids) are scavenging for food and recyclables: "It's not exactly appropriate to move over to Frontline all of a sudden, but, you know, seeing this it's feeling so good about doing another scene where I shove food in my face."
5) On the grand scheme of things: "You look at this and you see people eating out of here, the very notion of food television — what I do — seems somehow obscene."
6) On the proper way to eat reptile: "This time the iguana is skinned! Which, believe me, is a good thing, because without that it's like gnawing on foreskin."
7) On preparing bull testicles: "These nuts? They're cut in half. That hurts to even watch, right?"
8) After a late night: "Inside my head feels like Andrew Zimmern's toilet. That's not good."
9) On a tamale-like Nicaraguan dish: "I feel like the whole idea of this is to plug the hole. It's to seal. Nothing's coming out after you jam one of these things down there."
10) On his true love: "Any blood sausage I'm obsessed with. I love anything — anything — to do with pork."

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