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Ruth Reichl's Doomsday Tweets

Food writer and newly-annointed Top Chef Masters judge Ruth Reichl recently got dinged for continuing her hippy-dippy tweets in the face of the apocalyptic scenario playing out in Japan ("What planet are you on? The one WITHOUT thousands dying from an earthquake?"). And she responded in a thoughtful blog post defending herself, writing, "But in the face of ongoing disaster, it is also our moral responsibility to appreciate what we have."

So all good! Back to the grind of the haiku-like tweets about sunshine and really tasty pesto made in a mortar and pestle. An idealized world in 140 characters, for which she is known and loved. But wait: Since Reichl has been made to feel that she is insensitive to the plight of the world, now her tweets incorporate the catastrophic news of the day. Recent tweets include:

Terrifying morning. Nuclear catastrophe looms. Making a cup of tea, slicing a golden lemon, cooking one perfect araucana egg. Breathing.
Gray sky. Scary news. Back in NY. Toasted bagel, thick cream cheese, sliced Nova. Fresh orange juice. Check to Doctors Without Borders.

We get that she's trying to find a balance between the pompous silliness that is tweeting about food in the context of some seriously scary world events, but when combined, it sort of demeans both. So instead of happy thoughts and perfect meals, now we are treated to what can only be called survivor guilt-inspired doomsday tweets.

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