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The Intro to Mark Bittman's Show Is Awfully Familiar

We finally got to watch writer Mark Bittman's new show on the Cooking Channel, The Minimalist, and it was fine and swell, but what stood out the most was the show's intro. First, because it unashamedly rips off Apple's iPod commercials from circa 2003 — how inventive and original? Second, because it is made to appear as though Mark Bittman is himself doing the dancing. He can really bust a move! The intro, plus the iPod ads that "inspired" it, below:

Video: The Minimalist Intro

Video: 2003 iPod Ad: "Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix)" N.E.R.D.

Video: 2003 iPod Ad: "Hey Mama" Black Eyed Peas

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