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In-N-Out's New Dallas Distribution Center Means it Could Expand to Thirteen States

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Last year the beloved hamburger chain In-N-Out announced their expansion to Texas with eight locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (their distribution center/meat commissary will be located in Dallas, TX). The company has said that there's a policy of only allowing new locations to be within 500 miles from the distribution center — with the very respectable claims of consistency and freshness and whatnot — but the Baldwin Park, CA facility supplies a branch all the way out in Centerville, Utah, 685 miles away.

If you plot a point at Dallas and use 685 miles as the distribution radius, it means that In-N-Out could theoretically expand to thirteen states beyond the Texas center of operations, including Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Illinois. In-N-Out expands slowly, but anything's possible.

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