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Taco Bell to Give Away 10 Million Free Tacos via Facebook

In what they're calling the "World's Largest Taco Giveaway on Facebook" (can someone confirm this as fact??), Taco Bell is giving away 10 million free tacos to people who "like" it on Facebook. Or you can just go to this link and print out the coupon for a free Crunchy Seasoned Beef Taco, no "liking" or spamming your friends' feeds necessary.

The giveaway was, of course, prompted by the lawsuit claiming that Taco Bell's "meat filling" only contains 36% beef. Guess the full-page newspaper ads and video explaining that their meat filling is in fact 88% beef weren't enough to change popular opinion?

Shrewd marketing: There'll likely be a bonanza of free press over this deal. Also, potentially millions of new customers walking through the doors and buying something along with their free taco, so the financial hit probably won't be too bad (if at all).

Back of the envelope math:

According to Taco Bell: 88% beef x 10 million tacos = 88 million % beef
According to the other guys: 36% beef x 10 million tacos = 36 million % beef

Either way, that's a lot of cow. And a lot of filler.

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